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About Us

Hello!  Welcome to Steel Mountain Trading.  We’re glad you stopped by.

We’re Matt & Cody, brothers, and co-founders of Steel Mountain Trading. We’ve always had a life-long dream of opening some type of business together, and in 2020, we finally decided to make it happen. Being handy, we always wanted to flip houses together. However, given that we now live about 1500 miles apart, that didn’t seem feasible.

Truth be told, the seed for this company was planted in 2015 when I (Matt) made my brother an industrial pipe lamp for Christmas. We immediately knew we were onto something we thought many people would love. We decided to develop a store focused on selling rustic, farmhouse, industrial home décor. Over several months, we developed a small product line with hopes to expand as the years roll on. .

We didn’t start this business to get rich.  We got started because we enjoy working together and we wanted to build something we can be proud of. We also wanted to show our children that you can do anything in life if you just put your mind and effort into it.

This company began with hours of brainstorming and planning, late nights of building projects in our garages, and the support of our wives and children. We’re hopeful it will blossom into something amazing that will allow us to continue to share a close bond as brothers who live far apart, all while providing beautiful home décor to our customers. We hope you will appreciate and enjoy the effort we put into every hand-built piece at Steel Mountain Trading.

If you don’t see quite what you’re looking for, please contact us. We would love to collaborate with you on a unique piece for your home.

Thank you again for stopping by. We’re glad you came.

-Matt & Cody

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Our Families...

Matt, Adrienne, Carter, Noah, & Charlee:


Cody, Irina, Austen, Leo, & Gabe: